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    Xone Trader FOR Android

    Xone Trader is a modern trading system for currency, stock, equity, and other markets.
    With its help, you can trade financial instruments from your phone or tablet using mobile Internet.

    Xone Trader Mobile allows you to connect to Oxi Markets server, receive stock and currency quotes, analyze the market using charts and technical indicators, make transactions, and view the history of trading operations within the position accounting system..

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    Xone Trader for all Android

    Xone Trader Android version is officially supported by the company and offers an almost complete set of features from the "desktop" version of the program.
    Analyze quotes, draw forecast lines and figures, use indicators and create new orders directly from your phone.
    The interface of the program is pleasant and convenient.
    Any confident Android and Xone Trader Desktop user will be pleased with the functionality of the mobile version.


    • Real-time quotes for all markets;
    • Full set of trade orders, including pending orders;
    • Market depth (Level II) up to 32 quotations;
    • All types of trading operations;
    • Detailed trading history;
    • Fast switching between elements and charts;
    • Sound notifications;
    • Chart color schemes;
    • Automatic trading levels.

    Technical Analysis:

    • Interactive charts of quotations on Forex instruments and stocks with real-time scaling and scrolling functions;
    • 30 most popular technical indicators among traders;
    • 24 analytical figures: lines, channels, geometrical figures, and tools;
    • 9 time periods: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN;
    • 3 types of charts for easy trading: bars, Japanese candlesticks, and a broken line.

    Where to Download and How to Install Xone Trader for iPhone?

    Xone for Android can be downloaded from the GooglePlay Store. To start trading:

    1. Run the application on the device.
    2. Log in to an existing account or open a new one. In the Xone for Android application, you can open only a demo account. To create a real trading account, register on the website.
    3. Choose the necessary server.
    4. Enter your login (account number) and password.

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